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Hoarding Cleaning
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Hoarding may not be a highly prevalent issue, but it is something that affects millions of Americans.  The most common behaviors of hoarding are caused by underlying anxiety and depression which is why hoarding is classified as a mental disorder.  These feelings of anxiety and depression make it very difficult for those affected to part with anything, resulting in a dangerous buildup of clutter in their homes.  You cannot simply go into the home of a hoarder and start removing the clutter, you need to reach out to them and help them understand the urgency of cleaning their home.  Once they agree to clean out their home, you can all our professionals.

ServiceMaster of Aurora provides hoarding cleaning services in Aurora, IL to help clean out and restore homes affected by hoarding.  Our technicians will work with the affected individual to help with the content sorting and removal, and we will only remove items with the individual’s permission.  After the unwanted items are removed, we proceed with the cleaning and restoration of the home to restore safe living conditions.


Hoarding Cleaning in Aurora, IL

Dangers Caused by Hoarding

Those affected by hoarding allow clutter to build up in their homes because the thought of throwing anything away causes them to feel anxious.  This is why simply throwing things away in the home of a hoarder is not a good idea.  However, something must be done as the build up of clutter can put their lives and the lives of others within the home in danger.

You should start by reaching out to someone you know who is affected by hoarding and talk to them about the dangerous conditions of their home.  If they recognize the danger of the situation they have created, they are more likely to agree to clean out their home.  Only after they agree to proceed with the cleaning should you begin the process.

The clutter in homes of hoarders create the following hazards:

  • Fire hazard: The risk of a fire increases significantly in homes affected by hoarding as the clutter can ignite and provide fuel for the fire.
  • Blocked paths and exits: Clutter may block walkways and exits in the home which makes it more difficult to evacuate in case of an emergency like a fire.
  • Tipping hazards: Piles of clutter are at risk of falling over which can result in injuries if they fall onto people.
  • Mold and bacteria: Dangerous substances like mold and bacteria will form within the clutter which will cause damage to the property and create unsanitary conditions that can have an effect on their health.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Aurora takes a sensitive approach to hoarding cleaning as we understand the nature of the mental disorder.  We will treat the affected individual with compassion and respect to earn their trust before creating a plan for content sorting and removal and cleaning of the home.  The affected individual will be involved with the entire cleaning process and items will only be removed with their approval.

Our hoarding cleaning services consist of the following steps:

  • Establishing trust: It is very important for the affected individual to feel respected which is why we start by building a sense of trust with them. Once they feel comfortable, we will proceed with the planning and cleaning.
  • Content sorting and removal: We will sort through the items in the home with the affected individual and only remove items with their approval. After the items are removed, we will take care of the cleaning and repairs needed.
  • Follow up: After the cleaning, we will follow up with the individual to check on the condition of their home. We will return for additional cleaning if necessary.

Hoarding is a sensitive situation so make sure to approach affected friends and loved ones delicately to help them clean their homes. Only after they agree to move forward with the cleaning should you take the next steps.

Our professionals at ServiceMaster of Aurora are ready to help those affected by hoarding sort through their content and restore their home to safe and sanitary conditions.  You can reach us at (630) 896-0030 for professional hoarding cleaning in Aurora, IL.

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