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Stories From the Field

An elderly client in Aurora was dealing with several healthcare issues affecting their ability to keep up with basic tasks to care for their home. Slowly, trash began to build up around the house, cleaning was no longer getting done, and repair issues were not getting addressed. Soon it became overwhelming and unsafe.

After a medical emergency, hospitalization and a successful surgery, the client’s physical capabilities were restored so that they could return home with the assistance of a caregiver. They were ready for a complete reset of their home. A plan was put in place for ServiceMaster to deep clean the home and address repairs while the client was finishing rehabilitation.

ServiceMaster worked through the entire house, removing all trash, washing walls top to bottom, deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Contents like furniture and other items were sorted and deep cleaned. The carpet in the home was removed and replaced with vinyl plank flooring. The bathroom toilet, sink and vanity were removed and replaced. Finally, the contents were moved back into the home fresh and clean.

In the space of one week the entire home had been thoroughly cleaned, repaired and made ready for the client’s return.

When our client returned home, they went from overwhelmed to overjoyed when they saw what ServiceMaster accomplished. They said it felt like they had a new home.

Service Highlight

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Before and after tile and grout cleaning

How does your tile and grout look?  Is there a consistent look or is the color of your grout varying due to heavy soiling?

ServiceMaster can help improve the appearance of your tile and grout on your floors or walls.  Our cleaning process includes a cleaning of your grout lines using a grout line brush.  This will pull surface soil out of your grout lines.  We then machine scrub clean your tile and grout followed by a hot water rinse extraction.  This process pulls all of the surface soil off the tile and grout.  If your grout lines are stained, we offer grout line staining & sealing.  This process not only makes your grout lines look new, but it also provides a seal of the grout.  Sealing grout prevents soil from penetrating and staining.  If your tile and grout need this type of service, give us a call for a free estimate.

Customer comments include:  “I was going to replace my shower wall and floors because I could not get them cleaned.  ServiceMaster cleaned my tile and grout and then stained my grout lines.  It looks like a brand-new shower, I saved thousands of dollars.”

“My floor looks like new.  I am not embarrassed to have guests over and in my kitchen”.

Tip of the Month

Power Outages
Use These Tips To Prepare For a Power Outage In Your Area:

  1. Make An Emergency Kit. An emergency kit should be stocked with basic supplies that you may need in case you’re stuck inside or have to evacuate the home quickly. Include essential items like flashlights, batteries, food, and water.
  2. Prepare Your Tech. During a power outage, having the ability to communicate and stay informed can make all the difference. Sign up for notifications from your power company and emergency services to get up-to-date reports as circumstances change. Stock up on alternate charging methods for your phone and any other devices that require power to continue receiving updates.  If you have a generator, know how it operates and test it out each year.
  3. Learn About Your Community. Find out if your area has established emergency plans or designated safe areas for the community.
  4. Plan Ahead. If you know a major storm is approaching, plan ahead. Fill plastic containers with water and place them in your refrigerator/freezer. This can help keep your food cold during a short power outage. Keep your phones charged as much as possible.
  5. Create A Back-Up Plan. If you rely on battery-operated or power-dependent equipment, including medical devices, prepare a back-up plan.
  6. Prepare Your Car. Gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps. To avoid getting stuck when a power outage strikes, keep your car’s gas tank full. In the event that you’re without power for long periods of time, you can use your car to charge your phones and continue receiving important updates.
  7. Spread the Word. Start a conversation with your friends and family to ensure everyone is aware of what to do and how to stay in touch during a power outage.

During a power outage, staying safe is the most important thing. Be careful when using alternative heating and cooking methods and save your plumbing and electrical systems from further damage by taking steps to protect them from the cold too, especially if temperatures are below freezing.
Whatever the cause of a power outage is, knowing what to do while the power is out can help you recover quickly.

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