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For more than 25 years, ServiceMaster of Aurora has been providing quality disaster restoration and specialty cleaning services to help homes and businesses in Aurora, IL and the surrounding western Chicago suburbs including Batavia, Bartlett, Elgin, and Campton Hills.  Our highly trained and IICRC certified technicians are prepared to respond to emergencies 24 hours a day and we guarantee to produce quality results and provide excellent customer service.

Disaster Restoration

We understand that when a fire, flood, or mold growth affects your property, it is often overwhelming and difficult to deal with the damage.  Our technicians can help ease the situation by limiting the damage upon arrival and forming a complete restoration plan to get your home or business back to its pre-disaster condition.  We use advanced equipment and proven restoration methods to fully repair and restore property damage caused by a disaster.

Specialty Cleaning

Keeping your home, office, or commercial building clean is important.  Effective cleaning improves the appearance of the space, helps flooring and other furnishings last longer, and provides a healthier and more comfortable environment.  People also get a better impression when they visit homes and businesses that are kept in excellent condition.

At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we use our own cleaning process, products, and equipment to provide deep and effective residential and commercial cleaning services.  Our on-going training keeps our service partners current on the latest techniques and advancements and ensures the service and performance you expect from the nation’s leading cleaning service.  As our customer, you’ll receive a ServiceMaster Guarantee certificate, a 24 to 48-hour callback for quality assurance, a statement of completion, and a survey of your satisfaction.

We offer one time commercial and residential cleaning services as well as janitorial and maid services through our affiliate offices.

Call for Professional Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster of Aurora is available 24 hours a day to receive emergency calls for Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas.  You can reach us at (630) 898-0030 for emergency disaster restoration or to schedule an appointment for our specialty cleaning services.

Water-Damage-Restoration-Aurora-ILWater Damage Restoration – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

Water damage is a very common occurrence in homes and commercial buildings as leaks, plumbing issues, heavy rain, and natural flooding can result in indoor water damage.  Whether you are dealing with a leak or standing water, you need to act quickly because water gets absorbed by porous building materials and furnishings.  This causes the water to spread and makes the affected materials vulnerable to structural damage and mold growth.  At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we provide complete water damage restoration services in Aurora, IL to deal with any level of water damage from leaks to flooding. Our advanced water extraction and drying equipment allows us to remove the water and dry the affected areas, and we can also repair the damage.

Learn more about our water damage services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

Fire-Damage-Restoration-Aurora-ILFire Damage Restoration – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

Fires are perhaps the most difficult and dangerous disasters to deal with.  They can happen very quickly in homes and buildings and immediately put everyone inside in danger.  Fires also cause deep, widespread damage that can affect the structural elements and personal content within the home or building.  Evacuating the building and calling the fire department are the first things you should do if a fire breaks out.  After the fire is out, you need to call our professionals for fire damage restoration.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides complete fire damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Aurora, IL that have experienced a fire.  Our technicians will stabilize and repair structural damage and clean up damage from smoke and soot to prevent permanent damage.

Learn more about our fire damage restoration services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

Mold-Remediation-Services-Aurora-ILMold Remediation – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

Mold is a major problem in homes and businesses because it can be very damaging, and it is dangerous for your health.  Mold growth forms where the spores can find a source of moisture and it feeds on building materials like wood and drywall that contain cellulose and other organic substances it uses as food.  As a result, affected materials can experience major damage that threatens their structural integrity.  Mold is also a threat to your health as those exposed may experience allergic reactions and even infections in extreme cases.  At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we provide mold remediation services to remove mold growth from homes and businesses in Aurora, IL.  Using advanced methods and equipment, we will find and remove all mold and ensure the restoration of the affected areas.

Learn more about our mold remediation services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

Residential-Cleaning-Services-Aurora-ILResidential Cleaning – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

People work to keep their homes clean to provide a comfortable living space and maintain the appearance of the home.  While regular cleaning is important, household cleaning methods and equipment do not provide the type of deep clean that you can get from a professional service.  Dirt and debris can accumulate in hard to reach places as well as within carpeting, upholstery, and hard surface flooring.  At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we provide a range of residential cleaning services to help homeowners in Aurora, IL.  We use advanced cleaning methods and equipment to effectively clean and restore carpeting, upholstery, hard surface flooring like wood floors, and tile and grout surfaces.

Learn more about our residential cleaning services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

Tile-and-Grout-Cleaning-Services-Aurora-ILCommercial Floor Cleaning – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

When running a business, it is important to keep the office or building clean for many reasons.  A clean workspace is safer and more comfortable for your employees, and the cleanliness of your building will give a good impression of your company to visitors, clients, and customers.  Keeping your commercial space clean starts with effective cleaning and maintenance of the flooring.  However, it can be difficult for businesses to devote the resources needed to keep their floors consistently cleaned and maintained.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides commercial floor cleaning and refinishing services to clean and restore all types of flooring for businesses in Aurora, IL.  Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and methods are effective for cleaning carpeting, hard surface floors, tile and grout surfaces, and warehouse floors.

Learn more about our commercial floor cleaning services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

ServiceMaster-of-Aurora-Disinfection-Cleaning-ServicesDisinfection and Cleaning – Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

It has always been important to keep a clean office or commercial space but in the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is crucial to protect the health of your employees, customers, and tenants.  Illnesses like the cold, flu, and COVID-19 can spread very easily in buildings where there are a lot of people.  One of the best ways to help prevent the spread of these illnesses is to have your office or building disinfected.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides disinfection and cleaning services to protect offices and other commercial buildings in Aurora, IL.  Our technicians use EPA-registered cleaning products that have been proven effective to protect your commercial building from illnesses like the coronavirus.

frozen-pipe-burst-prevention-aurora-ilFrozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Aurora, IL

During the winter, pipes within homes and buildings are at risk of freezing and bursting which can result in serious water damage.  Below freezing outside temperatures can cause water within the pipes to freeze, and the expanding ice creates pressure that can cause the pipe to burst and spill water into the property.  The amount of water that comes out of a burst pipe can spread and cause serious damage if it is not contained and removed.  At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we provide frozen pipe water damage restoration in Aurora, IL to clean up and repair the damage from a burst pipe.  Our technicians will extract the excess water and moisture and restore the damage it caused.

Hoarding-Cleanup-Aurora-ILHoarding Cleaning – Aurora, IL

Hoarding is a mental disorder that prevents those affected from throwing anything away, leading to the build up of excessive clutter in their homes.  Hoarding behaviors are caused by underlying issues with anxiety and depression which is why forcing an affected individual to clean their home is not a good idea.  However, homes affected by hoarding must be cleaned out because the conditions created by the clutter are dangerous and unsanitary.  If you know someone who hoards, reach out to them and help them understand the need to clean their home.  Only after the agree to clean should you proceed.  At ServiceMaster of Aurora, we provide hoarding cleaning services in Aurora, IL to help restore homes affected by hoarding to safe conditions.  We will work with the affected individual to sort and remove unwanted content and provide the necessary cleaning and repairs.

Tenant Move Out Cleaning and Repairs in Aurora, ILTenant Move Out Cleaning and Repairs – Aurora, IL

When a tenant moves out of a rental property, it is up to the landlord to clean the home or apartment for the next tenant.  This is the ideal time to clean the property while it is empty and take care of any repairs that are difficult to do with a tenant living in the space.  The best way to ensure that your rental property is cleaned and restored is to work with a cleaning professional.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides tenant move out cleaning and repair services in Aurora, IL.  Our technicians provide complete residential cleaning of every area of the property, and we can address damage from water, mold, and smoke to get your property in top shape.

Learn more about our disinfection and cleaning services in Aurora, IL & surrounding areas today!

Rodent Cleanup and Sanitization – Aurora, IL

Pests are a major nuisance when they invade your property as they can cause major damage and spread infection and disease.  Animals such as rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and birds can find their way indoors through various entry points and cause damage to wood, drywall, insulation, and electrical wires.  They also leave behind blood, urine, feces, and vomit that harbor harmful viruses and bacteria that spread infection and disease.  We cannot remove these animals for you, but we can clean up and repair your property in the aftermath.  ServiceMaster of Aurora provides rodent cleanup and sanitization services in Aurora, IL.  Our technicians will remove dangerous biohazard materials from the animals, repair the damage they cause, and clean and sanitize the affected areas to eliminate the risk of disease and infection.


Additional Cleaning Services in Aurora, IL & Surrounding Areas

For professional disaster restoration and specialty cleaning services in Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas, give us a call at (630) 896-0030 or contact our disaster restoration professionals today!

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