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Rodent and Animal Waste Cleanup in Naperville, IL

A pest infestation can cause major problems in homes and buildings as rodents and other animals can damage your property and create dangerous conditions.  Animals like mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels seek shelter indoors and can get into homes and buildings through small entry points.  Once inside, these animals may chew or dig through building materials like wood and drywall and destroy furnishings, insulation, and other materials.  They also create unsanitary conditions by leaving dangerous biohazard materials like blood, urine, and feces.  Intrusive animals must be removed by a licensed exterminator, and it takes a restoration professional to restore the damage and sanitize the affected areas.

At ServiceMaster Restore serving Naperville, IL, we provide rodent and animal waste cleanup and restoration in Naperville, IL.  While we cannot remove intrusive animals, our technicians can repair the structural damage they cause and safely remove biohazard materials like feces and urine.  We can also restore safe conditions by cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

Damage Caused by Rodents and Animals

The animals that are likely to invade homes and buildings, including mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and even birds, can cause immense property damage.  They often find their way in through entry points that lead to basements, attics, and crawlspaces and they cause damage by chewing or clawing through wood, flooring, drywall, and insulation.  They may also chew on wires which increases the risk of an electrical fire.  Larger animals like raccoons can cause enough damage to threaten the structural integrity of walls and flooring.

Invasive animals also create unsanitary conditions by possibly bringing in parasites as well as diseases and infection.  The blood, urine, feces, and vomit from rodents and other animals are likely contaminated with viruses and bacteria that can infect those who are exposed.  Being bitten or scratched by an animal can also lead to an infection or disease.  After the animals are removed by an exterminator, the affected areas must be cleaned and sanitized by a restoration professional.

Humans can contract the following diseases from animals:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis (LCM)
  • Rat-bite fever
  • Coli

All intrusive animals can damage your property and create dangerous and unsanitary conditions.  You can help limit the damage to your property and the threat to your health by having the pests removed as quickly as possible.  Once the animals are removed, you must call our professionals for restoration and sanitization.

Rodent Cleanup and Sanitization

Intrusive pests often leave behind damage that needs to be repaired and a mess that needs cleaning. At ServiceMaster Restore serving Naperville, IL, we provide complete cleanup and sanitization following a pest infestation.  Our technicians can safely remove biohazard materials like blood, urine, feces, and vomit as well as clean and sanitize the area to restore safe conditions and reduce the risk of spreading infection.  We will also repair the damage caused by the animals.

Our pest cleanup and sanitization services include the following:

  • Biohazard waste removal: Our technicians remove all dangerous biohazard materials including feces, urine, blood, and vomit.
  • Cleaning and disinfection: The affected areas and materials are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using powerful cleaners and disinfectants to restore safe conditions.
  • Structural repairs: We can repair structural damage caused by animals, including the repair or replacement of drywall and insulation.
  • Block entry points: We will prevent another infestation by finding and sealing possible entry points.

Call ServiceMaster Restore serving Naperville, IL for Rodent Waste Cleanup

After having intrusive animals removed from your home or building, make sure you call our professionals at ServiceMaster Restore serving Naperville, IL to manage the cleanup and repair.  We will not only repair the property damage they caused, but also restore safe conditions with thorough cleaning and sanitization.

You can reach us at (630) 896-0030 for rodent waste cleanup and sanitization in Naperville, IL.

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