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It takes just one sick person in the office to potentially infect the whole staff. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, in the workplace, it is critical that facility managers disinfect and clean the office or commercial building as a precautionary measure.

SARS-CoV-2 is the virus responsible for causing Covid-19. Health officials know that the coronavirus is mostly spread via close person-to-person contact (usually within six feet). While the virus can linger in the air for three hours, transmission via infectious aerosols is still uncertain.

Commercial spaces typically house various equipment and materials consisting of plastics, cardboard and stainless steel. The coronavirus is known to remain viable for up to 4 hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to 2 to 3 days on stainless steel and plastics.

Especially when a worker has shown symptoms of Covid-19, it is critical that facility owners engage in routine cleanings of the office space. Stopping the spread of SARS-CoV-2 requires proper disinfecting and cleaning, preferably by an experienced, professional cleaning company.


Effectively removing coronavirus requires both cleaning and disinfecting

What are best practices for cleaning and disinfecting an Aurora, IL workplace?

Office managers can independently clean and disinfect the workplace to limit the survival of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces. Commercial spaces that do not house overnight visitors, such as community centers, offices, daycare centers and schools, should follow disinfecting and cleaning guidelines.

Be aware that cleaning and disinfecting are two different tasks. The former removes dirt and grime, but fails to kill the germs. Disinfecting does kill germs but does not remove impurities from surfaces. Effectively removing the novel coronavirus requires both cleaning and disinfecting.

If an infected person has worked in the office, the first step is to close off all areas the individual has visited. Increase air circulation in the space by opening windows and doors (if weather permits) and run ventilation fans throughout the area.

Cleaning and disinfecting should begin approximately 24 hours after the area has been closed off. Facility managers should pay close attention to cleaning and disinfecting high touch spots, especially those the infected individual has used or handled, as well as shared items.

Office phones, computer keyboards, touch screens and remote controls should be disinfected with disinfectant wipes that contain at least 70 percent alcohol. Rather than scrub these shared items using a circular motion, practice one-way wiping to prevent redistributing the virus.

Doorknobs, workstations and desks require a full wipe down with a household disinfectant or EPA-approved disinfectant that works against the coronavirus. If the work surfaces show visible dirt or grime, clean the spots with soap and water prior to disinfecting.

Office drapes, carpeting and rugs should also receive a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, especially when the person suspected to have Covid-19 has been in the vicinity. Launder the soft items using the warmest settings, if they can be laundered. Otherwise, spray with an EPA-approved disinfectant.

Bathrooms, kitchen areas, workspaces and common areas should all be addressed during the cleaning and disinfecting process. Once seven days have passed since the infected person has visited any of these areas, additional cleanings and disinfecting are no longer necessary.

Employers are encouraged to post handwashing signs throughout the workplace. Frequent handwashing with soap and water is known to disable the coronavirus. Consider placing hand sanitizer in the office to promote its use, which also helps stop the spread of SARS-CoV-2.


Cleaning experts use safe cleaning solutions, effective in disabling the coronavirus

Why hire a professional cleaning company?

Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the office or commercial building requires knowledge of current hygiene concepts and attentiveness to areas commonly overlooked. This is why hiring a professional cleaning company has major advantages when it comes to coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting.

Professional cleaning crews are beneficial in many ways. Facility owners who contract with a cleaning company have more time to focus on their business rather than spend hours every week on cleaning tasks. Cleaning experts use safe cleaning solutions that are effective in disabling the coronavirus.

Employees are distracted less when cleaning crews arrive after hours to perform the cleaning and disinfecting tasks. Plus, a healthy staff is productive. Professionally cleaning and disinfecting the office ensures employee health, which in turn boosts morale and prevents disruptions to the flow of business.

Cleaning staff take proper precautions when handling an environment in which the coronavirus is suspected to be viable. Crews wear personal protective equipment (PPE), even though the risk of coronavirus exposure to cleaning personnel is low during the cleaning process.

Reputable cleaners are OSHA compliant and receive training on the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals used during office cleanings. Crews carefully put on, remove and dispose of gloves after each cleaning to prevent the coronavirus from infecting human host cells.

Cleaning and disinfecting the office are best handled by commercial cleaning experts, like ServiceMaster of Aurora. We are a trusted commercial cleaning and disinfectant service with experience in decontaminating a range of properties, including offices, nursing homes, gyms and schools.

Many unknowns surround the novel coronavirus. Yet, at ServiceMaster of Aurora, we take precautionary measures to ensure the workplaces we clean are virus-free. Although it is not confirmed the coronavirus is airborne, our technicians run advanced equipment to neutralize any and all airborne viral particles.

Any objects that are handled by employees, including light switches, bathroom fixtures, countertops and door handles, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with powerful yet safe cleaning solutions. We ensure full decontamination of the building by fogging the premises with a broad-spectrum biocide.

ServiceMaster of Aurora crews are trained to abide by cleaning standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Our technicians use EPA-registered disinfectants and wear appropriate PPE during the cleaning and disinfecting process.

Especially during this critical time when the coronavirus is widespread, office managers are advised to utilize cleaning and disinfecting services to professionally treat the workplace. ServiceMaster of Aurora ensures businesses in Aurora, Naperville, Joliet and surrounding areas in Illinois, are decontaminated quickly.

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