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Mold is a common issue in homes that can result in significant property damage while also posing a health hazard to residents. Mold growth takes hold on materials that contain organic food sources and the damage it causes can be severe if it is not removed. The mycotoxins it releases can cause allergic reactions to those who are exposed and even worsen respiratory issues such as asthma. Addressing mold issues limits the damage it can cause and reduces the risk of related health effects.

If you’ve noticed mold in your home or business, you might wonder how dangerous it is, how urgently you should address it, and whether to handle it yourself or hire a professional for mold remediation. Mold thrives in humid environments, making regular inspections essential. Early detection is key to safeguarding your health and that of your loved ones. If you’re uncertain about the extent of the mold growth or how to remove it, it’s wise to consult professional mold experts.

Here are some signs that indicate you need professional remediation services:

Odors From Mold

Mold often emits a musty odor, although this isn’t always the case. If you’ve been away from home for a while, be sure to pay attention to any unusual smells upon your return. A musty odor could indicate a mold problem, even if you can’t see any visible growth. The smell alone can be a telltale sign of mold.

You might detect an early odor hidden beneath carpets or within wall insulation. Mold remediation professionals can identify mold using specialized tools, even in hidden or hard-to-reach places.

When is time for mold remediation

If you have a mold problem in your home that requires professional assistance, our mold remediation specialists at ServiceMaster S&R Systems can help.

Spots that are Dark in Color

Dark spots can appear on the walls of basements or bathrooms, particularly in new homes. Mold thrives on organic materials like insulation and wood. If left unchecked, mold can discolor and eventually damage your walls.

Mold isn’t always black; it can be white, thread-like, gray-brown, pink, or even gray-green in color. Any discoloration or stained spots on your walls could be a sign of mold. In such cases, it’s essential to contact a professional remediation service immediately to look for mold growth.

Damage from Water

Experiencing a water leak can lead to mold growth, as mold thrives in humid environments. Therefore, it is crucial to repair any leaks promptly. If the leak is in a hard-to-reach area, such as behind a wall, it’s advisable to contact a professional mold remediation company to check if mold has grown in the affected area.

To determine if you have water damage, look for signs like peeling wallpaper or cracks in the walls or ceiling. If you have a history of flooding, mold growth is likely, and mold remediation becomes necessary to ensure a safe living environment.


Condensation occurs when moisture in the air meets a cold surface, causing the surface to cool rapidly and form droplets. This often results from moisture accumulation and can contribute to mold growth. Air ducts, in particular, tend to experience condensation during cold weather.

To eliminate condensation, it’s crucial to regulate your home’s temperature effectively. Investing in a humidifier and installing it in the bathroom and other humid areas can significantly help manage moisture levels. If there is excessive condensation in a certain area of your home, there is a chance that there is also a mold problem that needs to be addressed.

Allergic Reactions

If you or someone in your home is experiencing mold-related allergies, including symptoms like watery eyes, a stuffy nose, and sneezing, you might have a mold issue at home. To determine if this is the case, observe whether your symptoms improve when you are away. If they do, there is likely mold growth somewhere in your home that triggers your symptoms. It’s crucial to contact a professional mold remediation company to eliminate the problem and ensure it doesn’t return.

The Amount of Mold

Mold is a tricky substance to deal with because improper cleaning and removal can cause the mold to disperse its spores and make the problem worse. You are also putting your health in danger if you attempt to remove mold without proper protection.

If you want to try removing the mold yourself, make sure you protect yourself and only attempt to remove the mold if it covers an area of less than 10 square feet. If the mold growth covers a larger area or may be in less accessible areas such as behind the wall, you need to call a professional who can remove the mold safely and effectively.

Why should you call mold remediation professionals?

Addressing mold promptly is essential to prevent further complications. Ignoring a mold problem can lead to health issues for you and your family and can worsen the mold damage to your property. Home mold test kits are available for purchase but be aware that they are costly and do not indicate the severity of the problem or pinpoint the areas with the highest mold concentration.

If mold stains are confined to small areas, such as a section of the bathroom or basement, you can clean them yourself using a mold cleaner. Simply wipe the area, clean it thoroughly, and replace the caulking and grout. For minor drywall mold (10 square feet or less), isolate the affected area from the rest of the home and use a mold remover. If you do not feel comfortable removing the mold yourself or if the mold covers too large of an area, you need the help of a mold remediation professional.

Professional Mold Removal

If you have a mold problem in your home that requires professional assistance, our mold remediation specialists at ServiceMaster S&R Systems can help. Our professionals will uncover all mold growth in your home and immediately isolate the affected areas to prevent if from spreading. We use advanced remediation methods to ensure the complete removal of all mold growth as well as pemanently damaged materials. We then repair the damage it caused and ensure that safe conditions are restored to your home.

If you notice mold at your home or business, contact ServiceMaster S&R Systems or call us at (630) 896-0030 for professional mold removal.

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