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Keeping your home dry during a storm is important which is why people invest in sump pumps. The main purpose of a sump pump is to pump the water away from your home and keep your basement dry. Basements are below water table level, and during a storm, water rises and goes to the sump pit which activates the switch once it gets to a certain level.

A functional sump pump will protect your home from flooding, but sometimes sump pumps malfunction and leave your home vulnerable. The following are the most common things that cause a sump pump to fail to do its job.

  • No battery backup, so if the power goes out it will stop working.
  • No maintenance or cleaning has been done, so during a storm it clogs up with debris and leaves and doesn’t work.
  • Not installed correctly so it fails to work when necessary.

Sump Pump Failure

What to Do If My Sump Pump Fails

In case there is flooding, hire professionals to pump the water out of your house.

At some point, you may experience a sump pump failure and you need to be prepared to take the correct steps to prevent flooding in your home. When a sump pump stops working, you will be faced with water coming into your home. If the flooding includes a little bit of water, you can collect it and dump it outside. You should do this as quickly as possible because standing water can cause major damage to your home including stains, musty odors, and even mold growth. For this purpose, you need to make sure you have a wet/dry vacuum on hand which will help you get rid of any small amounts of excess water.

Power Outage Pumping

If you face a power outage and your sump pump stops working, a wet/dry vacuum will not function, so your best solution is to use a hand pump. You will need to place it in the sump pump hole and attach a garden hose to the threaded discharge end of the hand pump. You can run the hose outside (out of a window or an open door) to drain the water. If you don’t have a hose long enough to do this task, you will need to empty the water into buckets and carry it outside.

Dealing with Serious Flooding

You may encounter serious flooding in your home that may require a trash-water pump which can pump a large amount of water that contains mud, debris, or sand. This pump is fueled by gas and can remove thousands of gallons of water per hour.

Most homeowners do not own this type of pump. You do have a few other options in the case of this type of flooding.

  1. Hire professionals to pump the water out of your house. Keep in mind that in cases of major flooding in your area, it may be a few days before they can help you.
  2. You can rent the pump from a hardware or construction rental store. If there is a flood in your area, there might be a high demand for this equipment, so don’t give up when searching around for it as it is crucially important to get the water out of your home to prevent further damage.

Keep in mind that while it is important to get rid of excess water in your home as soon as possible, if you are facing standing water in your yard or around the foundation of your home, you may not be able to pump it out until it recedes.

Drying out your home

Even after all the excess water has been pumped out of your home, it is recommended to get the drywall and carpeting replaced to prevent mold. You can speak to your local health department regarding tips to reduce the risk of mold.

Your Sump Pump should be a major priority

Make sure that you pick the right sump pump for your home. It should be the right size, installed correctly, maintained properly, and it must have a battery or generator back-up in case of a power outage. Your local plumbing company can provide suggestions on the best type of pump for your home.

It is very important for your sump pump to work properly so that it can keep your home safe from flooding. This requires you to have it maintained in order for it to continue working for many years. Here are several ways that you can prevent the overflow of your sump pump:

  • Make sure to have regular maintenance done on your sump pump a few times every year.
  • You can do a flush out with vinegar and water. This helps remove any stuck particles inside the pump.
  • Check your exterior drainage to make sure your sump pump can pump out water.
  • Outside tubing for drainage should be cleaned regularly.
  • A professional sump pump company should service your pump every few years.

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