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You may already recognize some, but there are a number of disinfectants that are effective against the coronavirus within your home, office or building. Below is a list from the EPA on various coronavirus disinfectants.

The common names include products known to have these disinfectants and the dwell time is the amount of time the disinfectant is required to have contact with the surface before it is wiped clean.


Using the correct disinfectant is an important part of preventing the spread of coronavirus

1. Quaternary Ammonium

Common Names:

  • Spic and Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray
  • Clean Multipurpose, Summer Citrus, Antibacterial
  • PDI Super Sani Cloth
  • Lysol Professional All Purpose Cleaner, Citrus

Dwell Time: 2 – 10 minutes, depending on the product label

Potential Concerns: Strong smell may irritate the lungs, they must be removed completely or will leave residue, may irritate skin if not washed off

2. Sodium Hypochorite

Common Name: Lysol Disinfectant

Dwell Time: 5 minutes

Potential Concerns: Fumes, skin irritation

3. Isopropanol

Common Name: Various forms of bleach

Dwell Time: 30 seconds – 2 minutes

Potential Concerns: Skin irritation, allow for proper ventilation

4. Phelonic

Common Name: Lysol Disinfectant

Dwell Time: 10 minutes

Potential Concerns: Avoid direct contact with skin, allow for proper ventilation

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Common Name: Various forms of hydrogen peroxide

Dwell Time: 10 minutes

Potential Concerns: Allow for proper ventilation, skin irritation


Always check if a disinfectant is EPA-approved

EPA-Registered Disinfectants Against COVID-19

For those specifically looking for cleaners on the EPA’s registered disinfectant’s list, they have one labeled List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19). Another way to determine if a disinfectant is EPA-approved is to check the label for the Reg. No. Many products may claim they are approved, but the EPA will have their number registered in their list to confirm.

Always Follow the Label

While many cleaning supplies seem straightforward, just spray it and wipe down the surface, many require the proper dwell time in order to be 100% effective. Others can be dangerous if the fumes are inhaled or the product comes into direct contact with skin. While they are designed to be effective, they are not always safe for humans. This is why it’s crucial to read the product label before using it.

Some products, like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar should be combined with water to have them diluted. But specific products, like bleach and ammonia are toxic when combined. It is absolutely essential to follow all directions printed on each product label.

Beware of Fraudulent Products

There are scams everywhere nowadays, and COVID-19 presents numerous opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of consumers. The EPA heavily warns users to always stay aware and report fraudulent products. Not only may they be ineffective, but they can severely harm the environment, household surfaces, and even your personal health and safety.

Numerous fraudulent and unregistered products are already being removed by the EPA and the Department of Justice, but there will always be scams floating around to take advantage of users. The best thing you can do as an educated consumer is to find the Reg. No. on the product and match it up with the EPA’s list of approved products.

Work with Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are a business owner who simply doesn’t have the time to be disinfecting your own commercial space, or if there’s simply too much to clean, it’s recommended you work with a commercial cleaning service. Just be sure to ask them about their products and make sure they are on the EPA’s list. These professionals should also be IICRC-certified and follow OSHA regulations to restore a safe, sanitary environment for your customers and staff.

When working with an experienced commercial cleaning team, they will focus on high-touch areas, including the following:

  • Work cell phones
  • Light switches
  • Computer mice
  • Cabinet and drawer handles
  • Door handles
  • Keyboards
  • Desks
  • Counter tops
  • Arms of chairs

As these surfaces are filled with bacteria, it is always possible the coronavirus is present as well. These services are also effective against a number of other viruses and diseases, including E. Coli, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1 and more, keeping everyone in the office safe and healthy.


Our professionals follow the guidelines issued by the CDC and WHO

ServiceMaster S&R Systems Commercial Cleaning Services

If your business is located in or near the Aurora, IL area, ServiceMaster S&R Systems is always available to provide disinfection services. For almost 50 years, our professionals have been cleaning and disinfecting homes and offices and we are ready to restore sanitary conditions within your building. Not only do we use EPA-registered cleaning products, we follow the CDC and the Department of Health guidelines throughout our services.

Our professionals have experience working in a number of buildings, including:

  • Assisted living facilities and nursing homes
  • Childcare centers
  • Schools and universities
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Corporate building and offices
  • Retail stores

Our technicians are fully trained, experienced, and IICRC-certified for your peace of mind, restoring your business to a safe, clean environment.

About ServiceMaster’s Commercial Cleaning Products

Perfected over the years, ServiceMaster’s EPA-registered SaniMaster 7 is the key product used by our technicians throughout all commercial cleaning services. Designed for disinfection of all surfaces, this is a quaternary disinfectant cleaner that will also prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

The SaniMaster 7 can be used both as an all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant as part of a maintenance program and it doesn’t contain any phosphorus compounds or phosphates. It’s also safe to use on non-food contact surfaces, including finished woodwork, bathroom fixtures, countertops, metal, stainless steel, plastic sealed stone, and doorknobs. Known to be effective as a one-step disinfectant, this product is 99.99% effective in eliminating fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Benefits of SaniMaster 7

  • Ph is 8.5
  • No rinsing needed
  • Mild citrus fragrance after cleaning, leaving no residual odor
  • Combines strong cleaning agents with quaternary technology
  • Only 5 minutes of dwell time is needed, compared to 10 minutes from the SaniMaster 6

If your facility doesn’t use a janitorial service and could use a good disinfection and/or commercial cleaning service, the technicians at ServiceMaster S&R Systems are effective and efficient in their work.

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