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Even the best hot water heaters can spring a leak in their lifetimes. Hot water heaters leak for any one of numerous reasons, including loose fixtures or wear and tear. Homeowners living in Aurora, Illinois, can fix the resulting water damage by following a few steps.

Water heaters are typically once-in-a-lifetime purchases. Although most homeowners are not experts in how a water heater functions, knowledge is key when the unit leaks. Complicating matters is that multiple types of water heaters with differing features are available on the current market.

What are the five styles of water heaters

Tank style water heaters can leak due to age

What are the five styles of water heaters?

The conventional storage tank water heater is the most common style and one with which homeowners may be most familiar. This type of water heater features a tank that holds the water intended to be heated. The tank is designed to hold a constant supply of water.

Tankless water heaters do not feature tanks, but instead heat water with super-hot coils. These on-demand water heaters are incredibly energy efficient. A heat pump water heater is a third type and is built with a tank. Modern technology drives up the price of this style of water heater.

A solar powered water heater features a tank and draws energy from the sun. Relying on roof-mounted solar panels, this type of water heater is also extremely energy efficient. A fifth type of water heater is the condensing water heater, which primarily uses natural gas as an energy source.

Why do water heaters leak?

Most types of water heaters are built with a tank. Tank style water heaters can leak due to age. Tank style water heaters that are more than 15 years old have a greater chance of leaking than newer ones. The parts simply wear out and leaks happen more often.

When old age is the culprit in a tank style water heater, rust may be involved. Rust can form on an aged tank, which introduces corrosion. When corrosion occurs, water leaks through the cracks in the rusted tank. In such cases, the only remedy is to replace the water heater.

Maintenance requires utilizing the drain valve to empty or clean the tank. Water can leak when the valve becomes loosened over time. Another cause for leaks is water pressure. Water pressure that results from hot water steam can force the water to leak through cracks.

Sediment accumulations, cracked storage tanks and malfunctioning temperature and pressure relief valves are also notorious for causing water leaks. The location of the leak, whether in the bottom, top or inside of the tank, can direct a plumbing professional to the probable cause.

How do Aurora, IL homeowners fix the water damage?

Water heater leaks lead to extensive water damage to floors, walls, and possessions. Address the water damage by first fixing the leaky water heater. Identify the location of the leak and turn off the water to the tank. Shut off the water to the home if the valve is broken.

If the hot water output or cold water intake connection is loose, it may cause a leak. Tighten up the connection with a pipe wrench. The pressure relief valve may be responsible for the leak if the temperature is too high. Adjust the thermostat to 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to checking the temperature, inspect the water pressure. Inbound water pressure should ideally be set at less than 80 PSI per code. When water appears to be leaking from the bottom of the tank, the tank may be cracked; to resolve the issue, replace the tank.

Repairing water damage starts with pinpointing the source. After the source of the leak is fixed, remove the excess moisture from the floors. Use a wet/dry vacuum to extract the water, dirt and debris. If the flooding is severe, an industrial water extractor can handle the large volume of floodwater.


ServiceMaster S&R Systems is prepared to restore your water damaged home

Run dehumidifiers in the water damaged vicinity to remove hidden moisture. Concealed traces of moisture can lead to warping, mold infestations, and bacterial growth. Commercial cleaners are necessary at this point to clean and sanitize the space. Replace water damaged walls and carpets.

Homeowners with minor water heater leaks can fix the issues on their own. Major leaks may necessitate purchasing a new water heater. Regardless, the faster a homeowner detects the leak, the less likely serious water damage will occur. A plumber can help with repairing the water heater leak, too.

Thoroughly removing excess moisture from the area is critical to preventing the spread of water damage. Consequently, it is wise to consult water damage restoration professionals. Experts are best equipped to complete the task with proven techniques and advanced water extraction equipment.

Aurora’s number one water damage restoration company is ServiceMaster S&R Systems. Our IICRC-certified technicians are skilled in removing excess moisture from homes and businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, our specialists will locate and fix the original source of the water damage.

Whether your water heater has developed a leak, the washing machine hose has broken, or a fierce storm caused indoor flooding, ServiceMaster S&R Systems is prepared to restore your water damaged home or business to its pre-loss condition. We work quickly to prevent the spread of damage.

Our expert services include extracting surplus moisture from the property, repairing structural damage, drying the affected areas, and eliminating any traces of hidden or visible mold growth. We also work with a network of professionals to fix plumbing problems or address foundation issues.

Water damage is an emergency situation. When left unrepaired for prolonged periods, water damage can lead to structural problems and invasive mold growth. The crews at ServiceMaster S&R Systems prepare and implement a restoration plan to prevent water damage from causing further ruin.

Home and business owners in Aurora, Joliet and Naperville, Illinois, and the surrounding Kane and Will Counties, are urged to consult ServiceMaster S&R Systems as soon as water damage occurs. Our technicians stand by to respond to emergency calls for reliable water damage cleanup.

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