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Does your home in the Chicago, IL area need a humidifier in the winter?  Will owning and using one during the months of living and working in a colder climate be beneficial to you and your home?  With the extremely cold weather in the Chicago, IL area during the winter months, many people ask if they should use a humidifier in their home or office building.  Many people do not realize how the lack of humidity can cause damage to one’s floor and water damage in homes and other buildings, as well as the higher risks of getting a cold/flu during the winter months (and the most common times of the year that viruses go around).  Lack of humidity is harmful in various ways – that is why it is important to use a humidifier in the Chicago area during the winter months.  Below are the reasons why it is exceptionally important to use a humidifier in the winter.

Our bodies are made of approximately 70% water, so we need the right amount of humidity in the air around us—especially during the winter months. When it’s very cold outside and you need to turn the heat on in your home, you are inadvertently decreasing the humidity in your home.

Dry air can be a health hazard, and it can cause issues for the efficiency of your heating system and damage your home. You should be careful when setting the humidity level in your home as too much humidity can also have adverse effects. For the best results, your humidifier should be set between 30-45%; this range has proven to be the most optimal for homes. It helps keep the humidity levels balanced and will not cause damage to your home.  Below are more specific problems caused by lack of humidity in one’s home.


You should be careful when setting the humidity level in your home

Risks of Low Humidity

Too much dry air in your home can cause significant problems for you and your family, especially in the winter. During the winter, you are bringing the cold air inside and the relative humidity of that air decreases when it goes through your home’s heating system. If you don’t have enough humidity in the indoor air, the following may occur:

  • A worse cold or flu season
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Furniture cracking
  • Separating hardwood floors
  • Excess static electricity
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Higher energy costs

The types of damage and illnesses mentioned above can be prevented by using a humidifier in your home.  It is mandatory to keep your home clean and safe and to prevent yourself from becoming ill during the winter months of Chicago.

Humidity for Preservation

The humidity level is an essential factor in preventing problems caused by dry air throughout your home. Your wood doors, crown molding, floors, and furniture could be damaged from moisture loss and lack of humidity.  These issues can have long term effects that can cost you money to repair or replace them. One of the logical ways to minimize damage in your home is to address the condition of your indoor air and humidity.

Humidity for Comfort

As mentioned above, a humidifier is a necessity during the winter because the heated air from a furnace is dry. That dry air has a low humidity level that will absorb moisture from everything inside your home. This can create an uncomfortable environment as well as waste energy and money in your heating system by trying to keep you warm. Having a humidifier can help you make your home feel more comfortable when your thermostat is set at a lower temperature, keeping your utility bills lower. Since we spend more than 90% of our time indoors and, on average, at least a third of our day in our homes, you can see why it is important to invest in humidity control.

Humidity for Sleep

Using a humidifier for sleep during the winter months decreases risks of sinus infections, severe allergy symptoms, and severe cold/flu and other immune system diseases.  Moisture travels higher than bacteria and viruses.  That is why having a humidifier to moisten the air will help prevent any kind of virus and disease, as well as improve one’s sleep at night.  Also, dry skin is shown to be moisturized by humidifiers which is beneficial at night and prevents skin infections and diseases.

The final two very important aspects of having a humidifier in one’s bedroom at night is that sleep apnea and asthma can be put at ease for individuals of all ages. The usage of a humidifier is exceptionally helpful in various ways for so many health-related reasons, and the great thing about using one is that it is very simple to use every night before going to bed.

Use a humidifier for the safety of your home and your health.  The winter months of Chicago can be eased by making these simple changes that will last long-term.

Even though the air in your home is drier during the winter, water damage can still occur from leaks, pipe bursts, and tracking in ice and snow.  If your home in the Aurora, IL area experiences any type of water damage during the winter, make sure you call our experts at ServiceMaster S&R Systems for water damage restoration.

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