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Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner! Once Halloween is over, bam! Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks and then the radios are sneaking in the Christmas tunes. As everything starts to shift to the festivities, you might feel the growing pressure of cleaning your home and getting ready for the holiday fiasco again.

While this is certainly worth it, there’s a lot that can be done to make sure everything’s ready to go. Professionals of various cleaning companies have put together a number of cleaning guides and checklists for homeowners and families to follow to make cleaning the home as easy as possible. From the best available cleaning supplies and rooms to tackle to the best cleaning tips to use before starting the holiday parties, here’s the official guide on how to clean your home to get ready for the holidays.

Plan Beforehand Holiday Cleaning

Create a cleaning checklist and review it over time

Plan Beforehand

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as starting to clean too early. As you are fully aware, things do get dirty pretty fast, especially if you have kids, so starting too soon will allow time for your home to get dirty again before the holidays.

What you can do to make things smooth and efficient is review this cleaning checklist. When knowing the party day, you can plan so much better for your future cleaning time.

  • Ask for help
  • Hire help
  • Reserve the party supplies
  • Pick a date for the event
  • Start a party playlist

The professionals recommend never to worry if you feel behind in any of the areas listed in the list above; there are many families going through the same process. Many cleaning companies get calls last minute as families are just too overwhelmed and run out of time.

Stock Up on Supplies

While it may be too soon to start planning, you can start to get everything you’ll need, both for cleaning and for the party. Don’t forget about any guests who might also be staying more than just the evening.

Common Items to Stock Up On

  • Garbage bags
  • Paper towels
  • Basic toiletries, just in case anyone forgets something
  • Most-used cleaning products
  • Toilet paper
  • Resealable plastic bags for leftover food
  • Cleaning wipes

Lay out fresh towels and linens in the guest bedrooms

5 Days of Cleaning Before the Party

While you don’t want to start cleaning too early, you don’t have to wait until the day of the party to get started. Simply follow this 5-day plan to stay focused. You can also call on the help of your family, giving them assignments each day.

Day 1: The Porch, Foyer, Entryway and Closets

  • Get rid of any clutter and clean up the remaining items. Save some space for guests to use if they need storage
  • Wipe down the windows, door, light fixtures, and doorknobs
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop if necessary

Day 2: Bedrooms, Hallways and Staircases

  • Dust all light fixtures, ceiling fans, vents and cracks that are usually ignored. Remember to always dust before vacuuming
  • Wipe down furniture, knickknacks, and doorways
  • Vacuum the floor, under the bed and along the baseboards
  • Lay out fresh towels and linens in the guest bedrooms

Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Mattress: Use the vacuum hose and attachments to clean out the sides and top of the mattress as dust can easily settle between the mattress and bed frame. Also consider rotating the mattress if needed.

Kid-friendly Cleaning: Giving kids chores is a great way to teach them responsibility. Have them clean their rooms, picking up their toys and clothes and putting them in the proper places. Don’t forget to follow up with dusting.

Day 3: Bathrooms

This is always everyone’s least favorite room to clean, but it still must be done. Be sure to check out these cleaning tips to make the most out of it.

  • Run a load of laundry, taking out all towels and mats
  • Dust the vents and light fixtures
  • Disinfect the tub, shower, toilet, and other hard surfaces
  • Clean the mirror
  • Vacuum or mop, using a handheld vacuum or hose to remove any hair near the baseboards
  • Replace the shower liner with a clean or new liner
  • Return freshly washed towels and mats

Until the day of the party, remind everyone to keep the area as clean as possible

Day 4: Living Room and Dining Room

  • Declutter both rooms to have plenty of space for guests
  • Dust the tops and bottoms of the ceiling fans, vents, and light fixtures
  • Wipe down doorways, furniture, cabinet doors, and the mantel
  • Vacuum the floor, furniture, baseboards, and underneath furniture
  • Go over the remaining surfaces with a dryer sheet to prevent dust from collecting

Until the day of the party, remind everyone to keep the area as clean as possible. This can include not wearing shoes inside or eating food in these areas.

Day 5: The Kitchen

The biggest room is saved for last as it’s the main hub for food preparation. It’s also impossible to keep this room clean for long, which is why you want to save it for last.

  • Dust the vents, ceiling fan and light fixtures
  • Freshen up the garbage disposal by cutting up a lemon or two and running it down the disposal
  • Wipe down the countertop, sink and cabinets
  • Clean the garbage can, adding some Dawn soap and spraying the inside with the garden hose.
  • Vacuum and mop the kitchen floor

Hire a Professional

For those with big families, cleaning the house is a huge task. Especially if you have a lot of activities going on leading up to the holidays, like kids’ plays, sports games, big tests, or any other time-consuming activity, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

For families living in the Aurora, IL area, ServiceMaster of Aurora is happy to provide residential cleaning services. Our team can provide everything including carpet and upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and much more.

Our team will make sure your home is ready for the holidays, so you can focus more on family tasks, like events, outings, and cooking! We’re here to provide peace of mind, whether it’s restoring your home from a natural disaster or providing effective home cleaning.

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