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Families, friends, and loved ones look forward to the cheer of the holiday season. While this festive time of year is well-anticipated, the preparations and cleaning up afterward can also bring loads of unwanted stress. Enjoy these tips on how to de-stress during the holidays.

Preparing for holiday gatherings requires immense organization and planning. Holiday events, and the accompanying travel plans, must be coordinated. Shopping and cooking take up large chunks of time. Plus, hosting the party at home means cleaning must be part of the grand plan.

Individuals must practice self-care during this time of year in an effort to avoid feeling stressed. When stress manifests, resilience weakens, and feelings of depression and anxiety can develop or worsen. Stress inflames existing symptoms, which are hard to endure with the added pressure of the holidays.

How to De-Stress this Holiday Season

Preparing the home for the joyous festivities requires cleaning and decorating

  1. Say No

Holiday party invitations will flood the inbox during the merry season. Politely saying no to the dinners and activities that do not pique an interest should be a priority. Thank the host and mention other commitments. Or connect with the individual at another date and time.

  1. Plan Ahead

Friends, colleagues, and relatives are likely to host parties that fall on the same day. Planning to attend specific holiday gatherings out of the flurry of invites is necessary to prevent stress. Some events may be attended in-person, while others may be joined virtually.

When hosting the party at the family home, planning ahead is equally important. Preparing the home for the joyous festivities requires cleaning and decorating. While the host can tidy up the home beforehand, hiring a professional residential cleaning service is a time-saver and stress buster.

  1. Make a Budget

Financial worries during the holidays can add stress to an individual’s life. Reduce stress by creating a budget and sticking to it. Avoid buying presents that require extended payments. Budget for gifts, decorations, food, and a cleaning service. Ensure enough funds are available to pay the bills.

  1. Rest and Relax

The holiday season is a busy one, making it necessary to de-stress by taking a break. When stress develops, the muscles tense up, the heart rate increases, and the physiological systems are taxed—all of which can lead to the unwelcome feelings of burnout, anger, irritability, and depression.

Rather than submit to stress and frustration, develop the ability to relax. The excitement and overwhelm surrounding the holidays may make it difficult, but make it a point to take walks, read, or watch movies. Perform relaxation exercises to prevent feelings of stress and successfully de-stress.

  1. Delegate Tasks

Managing all the major and minor details of holiday activities is difficult for a single individual to undertake. Rather than handle everything and experience stress, delegate tasks to others. Hand off cleaning the home to professionals or assign wrapping presents to the kids.

  1. Accept Help

Accepting help with holiday preparations goes along with delegating tasks. As mentioned, no one can singlehandedly handle the entire holiday preparations without experiencing some level of stress. Reduce the ego and let friends, family, and professionals take care of some of the holiday responsibilities.

  1. Exercise and Eat Nutritiously

Forgetting to eat balanced meals and exercise during the busyness around the holidays are normal. But those who aim to de-stress are urged to maintain healthy habits during this time of year. Go sledding in the snow for exercise or fill up on healthy fruits before a decadent dinner party.

  1. Acknowledge Imperfection

The house may be a mess when the guests are scheduled to arrive, or the decorations may still be tucked away in boxes. Imperfections are expected during the stressful holidays. Instead of setting exceptionally high standards and risk feeling upset, acknowledge plans may not go as expected.

Imperfection is not only normal, but it is healthy. When perfectionism takes hold, it is easy to feel stressed and frustrated when situations fail to live up to expectations. Instead, de-stress by realizing that it is okay to not be perfect—even the holidays are no exception.

  1. Hire Professionals

To ensuring that holiday plans go relatively smoothly and stress does not ruin the festive mood, it’s essential to bring professionals on board. Home cleaners lift a huge load off the host’s shoulders when they perform professional deep cleaning, leaving the party room sparkling and impressive for guests.

Cleaning up after the holiday party is an equally important aspect that contributes to overall well-being. Professional cleaners are available to return the household to its pre-party condition, thereby allowing the homeowner to rest, relax, and de-stress once the celebrations are over.

Check off one task on your holiday to-do list by hiring ServiceMaster S&R Systems for your home cleaning. Once our professional cleaning specialists clean the carpets and upholstery, your home will look and feel fresh and clean. A spotless home is also a healthier environment for you and your guests.

While homeowners are encouraged to clean their home regularly, cleanings done by professionals provide a deeper clean. Our cleaning crews utilize advanced cleaning products to bring out the freshness of your home and help ensure your floors and furnishings last longer.

ServiceMaster S&R Systems crews clean a range of surfaces and items, such as wood floors, carpets, and tile and grout. Our methods are designed to remove embedded dirt, lift stains, eliminate mildew, and clean away debris. Your guests will appreciate spending the holiday in an immaculate home.

Our cleaning specialists clean your home from top to bottom. We address light fixtures, ceiling fans, windows, shelves, doors, and molding. Crews also provide efficient air duct cleaning to remove the dust and debris that can accumulate and spread when the heating or AC runs.

Choose ServiceMaster S&R for your home cleaning this holiday season. Our techs are IICRC certified, and we use the most advanced equipment and cleaning products. We serve homeowners in Aurora, Illinois, and surrounding Kane, Will and Kendall Counties. Call today to schedule your next residential cleaning.

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