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When water damage occurs in your commercial property, this can result in a significant loss for your business. Not only has the property itself been harmed, but it can also present a risk to you, your employees, and others. Because of this, it is crucial to have water damage addressed in a prompt manner. Otherwise, it will only worsen with time and encourage the potential for mold growth.

The first step in addressing a water damage problem is to resolve the source of the water. However, this can sometimes be tough because water damage can be sourced by various things. If you do not know what is causing the excess water, then you cannot effectively resolve the problem.

Furthermore, if you know the common causes of commercial water damage, then you can also work to prevent these things in the first place.

Continue reading to learn more about what causes commercial water damage and how you can prevent these problems from occurring.

Common Commercial Water Damage Sources

Damaged Pipes


A burst pipe can cause severe damage to your walls, floors and personal assets

Damaged pipes can be a serious concern, especially given their abundance and location in buildings. Pipes can break and result in leaks. As the water continues to leak, it can create water stains or cause bulges to develop in the walls and ceilings. Furthermore, the water buildup can create a musty odor. In worse situations, broken pipes can do more than produce slow leaks. Because of the large volumes of water that travel through pipes, a break can sometimes reult in flooded property.

Knowing this, make sure problematic pipes get fixed in a timely manner.

Damaged Roofing

Your property’s roof is the first line of defense against outside forces and debris. It protects your business, contents, and inhabitants. But this also means the roof can also experience a lot of wear. Storms and precipitation can wear out the roof and flying debris can damage shingles. When shingles suffer harm, they often become chipped or get torn off.

In such a case, water has an outlet to travel into your commercial property. This can be especially concerning during times of heavy or frequent rain or snow.

To prevent this, inspect your roof on a regular basis. If you discover any missing or damaged shingles, have them replaced as soon as possible to ensure your roof can provide proper protection.

Foundation Leaks

Water can leak into your property via its foundation when water pools up near it. This is a common occurrence when gutters are not cleaned on a regular basis. Because of the infrequent cleaning, the gutters get clogged and cannot function properly.

When it rains, the water cannot use the gutters to travel away from the building. Instead, the water will spill over the side and accumulate by the foundation. The more water that accumulates there, the more water can leak into your property.

That said, make sure someone checks and clears out the gutters often.

Improperly Sealed Windows

When windows are not sealed correctly, moisture can seep into the property. As moisture accumulates, drywall and wood can become warped. Mold may even start to grow. But with regular window resealing, this can be prevented. This is especially important because caulk will break down with time.

HVAC System Issues

The heating and cooling units that make up HVAC systems produce moisture, so the concern of leaks is always present. Usually, leaks will occur as the appliances become worn out, but regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent such water damage. You should also empty out condensation reservoirs regularly.


Washing machine floods can originate from various unseen sources

Appliance Malfunctions

Appliances that use water, such as dishwashers and washing machines, tend to see more use when located in commercial settings. As such, they are more prone to becoming damaged and worn out. If they malfunction, it can cause water to leak. With regular maintenance, you can avoid appliance malfunctions that lead to water damage.

Sewage Backups

Similar to appliances, toilets in business settings are used more often compared to those in other settings. This frequent use can make it easier for toilets and sewer lines to become backed up. Then, the water becomes contaminated by toxins and other harmful microbes. If this water damages surfaces and materials, then the affected areas will suffer harm by the water and harmful elements from the sewage.

As such, if there is a sewage backup in your commercial property, it is imperative that you get the situation taken care of immediately.

Getting Help for Commercial Water Damage Restoration

In the event that your commercial business experiences water damage, you must act immediately. The water damage will only worsen with time as the moisture spreads to new areas. Mold becomes an even greater likelihood the longer water damage goes unaddressed as well. Knowing this, do not wait to get help.

ServiceMaster of Aurora can help through the professional water damage restoration services we provide in Aurora, IL, and the neighboring communities. Our professional technicians will immediately respond to your emergency and extract the excess water and moisture. We use drying and dehumidification equipment to thoroughly dry your commercial property, and we will restore and repair the damage.

No matter the source or extent of the damage, we can help. With our water damage restoration services, your commercial property will be clean and safe to conduct business in once again.

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