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If you’re at home in Aurora, IL and have some extra time on your hands in the next few weeks, what better way to spend it than finishing your basement? Doing so can also add significant value to your home, with the industry average being $10,000 in added value.

Of course, when you look at concrete floors and walls, it may not seem exciting at first, but simply knowing what can be done is thrilling. If you’re up to the task, you’ll want to read up on these tips to know what to expect as well as the steps to take during each part of the process.

Check out these tips on the best way to finish your basement in Aurora, IL.

Flooded Basement in AuroraWhat to Do Before Renovation

Before starting anything, you’ll want to remove everything from your basement, ensure it doesn’t have any leaks or water damage, and ensure it’s up to code.

This includes removing everything from the basement, including trash, bins, boxes, and other items. You may also want to complete a moisture test and find out if your basement needs to be waterproofed before starting the remodeling process as any project can be set back by a stubborn leak.

Research Local Building Permits and Building Codes for Basements

Did you know that you will need to apply for a building permit before finishing your basement? But even before that, you’ll need to research your local building codes to find any height requirements or number of exits for your basement. If your current basement doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll probably need some professional help.

Gather All Necessary Materials and Tools

Once you have researched your building code and obtained the necessary permits, you’ll need to gather all the tools you’ll need for your project. This includes things like a caulk gun, dust mask, circular saw, stepladder, sawhorses, utility knife, level, hearing protection, masonry drill bit set, masonry drill, framing nailer or nail gun, tape measure, hammer, safety glasses, and drywall jack.

You’ll also need the following materials: shims, plywood, wire cutters, wire, your flooring material, ceiling tiles, framing nails, wall screws, drywall, cement nails, caulk or foam filler, two-by-four boards, foamboard adhesive, duct tape, and polystyrene foam insulation.

The amount of your materials will ultimately depend on the square footage of your basement and your finishes, but it’s good to start here. You’ll also want to measure your basement before purchasing these materials and know that drywall can be used on the ceiling if you don’t want to use ceiling tiles.

Process of Finishing Your Basement

  1. Install Insulation. One of the best ways to insulate your basement’s exterior walls is to add polystyrene foam insulation directly to your foundation walls. Cut each piece of drywall with a utility knife or saw. Hold it against the wall to ensure the correct height, apply the adhesive in an S shape where the foam will attach and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Press the sheet directly into the adhesive and repeat the process until all walls are covered. After installing the foam, seal the seams between each piece with duct tape and finally, seal any gaps between the foam and ceiling, corners and floors with foam-filler or caulk.
  2. Frame Your Walls. Measure where each piece of drywall will end on a stud and trim using a utility knife. Secure the drywall to the stud using a drill and screw. You shouldn’t see any plaster around the head of the nail. Use caulk to cover the seams and screw heads and cover the seams with drywall tape and repeat the caulking process.

Finish the Basement Floor

When addressing the floor, it’s best to use waterproof materials to prevent water damage from a leak. Some popular options include carpet, tiles, and vinyl.

Install Subflooring and Flooring

When using the flooring that snaps into place, you can install it directly into the concrete subfloor, if it doesn’t have any moisture and is level. But its best to build a new floor using polystyrene sheet and plywood.

Then be sure to follow all instructions that are specific to your preferred choice of flooring.

Finishing the Basement Ceiling

When choosing your basement ceiling, you’ll have the option of choosing either a drop-ceiling or a drywall ceiling. Although, if you want to save more space, it’s best to go with a drywall ceiling.

Install the Ceiling

aurora illinois basement finishing and restoration

See some of the best steps to finishing your Illinois basement

You’ll need a hammer, nails, wire, wire cutters and an installation kit when installing your ceiling. You’ll also need to follow the specific manufacturer’s instructions when installing your materials.

After finishing your basement, keep in mind you’ll need to figure out how exactly to decorate your extra space, which can be fun!

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

After finishing your basement, there can be much enjoyment that comes from your fully renovated space. But like the other areas of your home, your new building materials will face the risk of both fire and water damage in the future. While there are prevention steps that can be taken to reduce this risk, it cannot be prevented altogether.

In the event that water damages your home, whether from spring flooding or a leaking water heater, it’s important to call for professional help right away. In the Aurora, IL area, ServiceMaster S&R Systems is available 24/7 to respond with professional water damage restoration services. Our technicians will respond right away, extract any standing water, dry out the affected building materials and items, and apply anti-microbials to prevent mold growth.

In the case of fire damage, our technicians will also respond right away with our fire damage restoration services to repair all structural damage, remove dangerous smoke and soot from hard surfaces, and provide a deep cleaning to all furnishings and items. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is restored and you can enjoy a beautiful basement again.

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