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At ServiceMaster S&R Systems, client satisfaction with our work is a major motivator.  We are committed to improving the homes of our clients with effective cleaning and restoration services and it gives us a sense of validation when a client is truly happy with our work.  One such case is a project in which we cleaned and painted a basement for a homeowner in Wheaton, IL.

In January 2021, we were contacted by Jo Bruner of Wheaton, IL to help with her basement.  Her basement had a cold, dark appearance that was very unwelcoming and like many basements, it was also dirty.  No one wanted to spend any time in the basement and Jo was worried that the dark, dirty basement would prevent her from selling her home.  She reached out to our professionals at ServiceMaster S&R Systems to clean her basement and help make it a more inviting and usable space.


Basement Before Restoration

Basement Cleaning and Painting

Our professionals decided that the best way to make Jo’s basement more inviting and functional was to clean the basement and repaint the walls, ceiling, and floor.  The first step was to clean the basement.

ServiceMaster S&R Systems provides complete residential cleaning services to help clean any area of a home, including the basement.  We provide floor to ceiling cleaning as we will clean light fixtures, windows, trim, walls, and floors using specialized cleaners and methods.  We cleaned every aspect of Jo’s basement including the ceiling beams, air ducts, floors, walls, and windows and windowsills.  The cleaning not only helped improve the look and comfort of the basement, but also got it ready for the painting.

Our goal was to paint the basement to make it warmer and more welcoming in comparison to the cold, dark environment it was previously.  To give the basement a warmer feel, we painted the space with the following:

  • Benjamin Moore DryFall Paint: We used this brand of paint in a dark brown color to paint the ceiling of the basement. This color provided a cleaner look and made the ceiling appear higher which also made it more invisible.  This paint also was able to hide the conduit, plumbing, joists, duct work, and other elements.
  • Benjamin Moore Concrete Floor Paint: We used light gray shades of this paint for the floor and walls in the basement. This color provided a clean, warm, and bright appearance to the basement which was quite the contrast from its original appearance.
  • NeverStrip Concrete Micron Coating: We applied three coats of this coating on the concrete floor after painting. This sealer provides a layer of protection

    Basement After Restoration

    over the paint with a matte finish.

Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned above, the best part of our job is seeing the satisfaction of our client when they first see the results of our work.  Jo was shocked by the transformation of the basement.  The space now has a much warmer and welcoming appearance which has turned it from a dark unused space to a functional space.  Before the project, Jo felt that the basement was a hindrance to selling the home.  She now feels that the transformation of her basement has made the space an asset to selling the home.

If there is an area of you home that you would like to turn into a more welcoming space, call our professionals at ServiceMaster S&R Systems.  We can improve your space with our residential cleaning services, and we also provide a range of disaster restoration services including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation to restore your home after a disaster.

You can reach ServiceMaster S&R Systems 24 hours a day at (630) 896-0030 for professional restoration and cleaning services.

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