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Anyone who has experienced a severe mold infestation in their home understands that it can be a big financial burden. Smart homeowners will develop yearly home maintenance budgets and save accordingly to offset any potential maintenance expenses. The next time you’re planning your yearly home maintenance / projects budget or emergency savings, keep the following mold remediation and mold removal costs in mind. You’ll be thankful you did the next time your home requires the services of a mold remediation or mold removal company.

Low, High, and Average Costs of Mold Remediation

Here are some figures for mold remediation costs in the United States as of 2021. All figures are estimates and do not apply to all parts of the country.

  • Low end cost: $500. For very mild infestations, your cost would figure out to about $500.
  • High end cost: $7,000. For more severe infestations, your mold remediation costs can end up being as much as $7,000, a huge financial burden.
  • Average cost: $1,500 – $3,500. The most common infestations typically average out to something in the area of $1,500 – $3,500.

Let’s take a closer look at the costs based on where the mold is located within your home.

What is the Average Cost of Mold Remediation near Aurora, Illinois

Set some of your income aside for home maintenance projects

Cost by Mold Removal Location

Mold remediation costs can fluctuate depending on where the mold is located within your home. Here is a breakdown of some of those costs, organized by where the mold is located.

  • Vent mold removal: $500 or less. Vent mold removal costs are relatively inexpensive as long as damage isn’t so bad as to require vent or air duct replacement.
  • Roof mold removal: $500 – $1,000. Most home leaks often occur due to roof malfunctions. The water buildup and excess moisture can lead to mold buildup on the underside of your roof.
  • Bathroom mold removal: $500 – $1,500. Bathroom mold is extremely common as they are often sites that are susceptible to moisture buildup.
  • Crawlspace mold removal: $500 – $2,000. Many people do not utilize their crawlspaces often, but it’s important to remember that they are just as susceptible to mold infestation as any other area in your home.
  • Attic mold removal: $500 – $7,000. Like crawlspaces, attics often get neglected when it comes to mold removal as well. Be sure to poke your head into your attic every so often to ensure there is no excess mold buildup.
  • Drywall mold removal: $1,000 – $7,000. The large variance in pricing is because there is often a large variance in the amount of drywall that is actually damaged by a mold infestation. The larger the area of infected drywall, the more costly the mold removal service gets.
  • Basement mold removal: $1,500 – $4,000. Basements are oft-targeted mold buildup sites due to their general dampness, high humidity levels, and prime location for liquid runoff from leaking pipes.
  • Air Duct mold removal: $2,000 – $6,000. Like crawlspaces and attics, air ducts are areas of the home that are largely ignored with regards to mold inspections. Be sure to hire an inspection team at least once every year or every two years.
  • Entire Home mold removal – $10,000 – $30,000. While often a very rare occurrence, some mold infestations get so bad and are ignored for so long that an entire home will require mold removal or mold remediation servicing. We recommend routinely inspecting your home for mold in order to avoid such an expensive and inconvenient ordeal.

Now that we’ve taken a look at mold removal costs by location, let’s break down the costs by mold types.

Cost by Mold Type

Here are a few common mold types and the cost associated with removing them properly.

  • White mold removal: $1,500 – $5,000. Identifiable by its white color, white mold can change colors the longer it remains unattended to. White mold often blends into its surroundings, making it a risk for homeowners who don’t realize its presence in their home.
  • Green mold removal: $1,500 – $5,000. Green mold often appears as soft and fuzzy. Be mindful of any signs of green mold as its presence can lead to severe asthma attacks.
  • Black mold removal: $2,000 – $6,000. Black mold, due to its removal difficulty, can be one of the most expensive types of mold to remove. Black mold most often thrives in areas with high moisture levels, so be sure to perform thorough mold inspections in those areas on a regular basis.

The best way to prevent expensive mold removal procedures in your home is to conduct regular inspections of high-risk mold areas in your home. Doing so not only benefits your wallet but you and your loved ones’ health as well. It’s also never a bad idea to set some of your income aside for home maintenance projects, including potential mold removal or mold remediation projects.

If you believe your home has been afflicted by a mold infestation that requires the services of a mold removal company, look no further. Contact ServiceMaster S&R Systems today to schedule a consultation.

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